The Actual Artwork & Official Photography Created for Figures Toy Company!


MCcombg-divbar980CautionTape-MonstersZombiesPsychosGhosts-DividerWebMCcombg-divbar980FTC Mego Mad Monsters with original paintingsMCcombg-divbar980DrippingOooze-DeatiteBannerDrippingOooze-DeatiteBanner

Custom logos created by Tanner Monroe for Figures Toy Company

Original Paintings, Package Design, & Graphic Art by Tanner Monroe.

MCcombg-divbar980 CautionTape-MonstersZombiesPsychosGhosts-DividerWebMCcombg-divbar980Custom action figure of featured monster artist Tanner Monroe MCcombg-divbar980DrippingOooze-DeatiteBannerDrippingOooze-DeatiteBanner

(The "ZOMBIE Tanner" is a custom that looks like ME! See more of his adventures here!)

Mad Monsters World's Greatest Super-Models

Mad Monsters World's Greatest Monster Paintings

Official Product Photography by Nen Yao & Tanner Monroe. MCcombg-divbar980CautionTape-MonstersZombiesPsychosGhosts-DividerWeb MCcombg-divbar980 Figures Toy Company presents the NEW Mad Monster Series 1 and Castle PlaysetMCcombg-divbar980DrippingOooze-DeatiteBannerDrippingOooze-DeatiteBanner


More pics and info coming soon!



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Thanks for the MAd Monster toys Uncle Tanner!
 No... Thank YOU Rae and Ky!... Along with everyone else for checking out my work. Please share.